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a-diadem asked:

Is it possible for me to ask for your Kim Soo Hyun sim? I really, really love your work on him + I'm a very big Kim Soo Hyun fan too :) Thanks!

Of course ☺️give me ur email and I will sd him to u ASAP 😘
But plz dun modify him(like his face and body) ..
And if u wanna post some pics of him I would like to see it!!😳😳sooo plz tag me!!!
Lastly,I really happy that u like him!!i am a huge fan of him too!!!😘😚😳😍




——————- Aura Skintone & Lipstick ———————

Basically, this is rosy skintone V2, but I drew a lot of I just give them a new name. This skin is smoother and softer than rosy, I re-drew the face part, lips, eyes, and nose have all been edited. Also, body have been edited some highlight and shadow. About the lipstick, I just thought this lip texture are good to be a makeup, so that’s it. :p 

*The skin are not perfect! They still have some color difference in body and I can’t improve them I hope you understand, thank you!

Download Skin: dropbox | mega

Download Lipstick: dropbox | mega



Omg😍😍😍😍it’s gorgeous ….and I need to say it for every time when I see the lip stick…it’s a perfect lipstick 😍😍😍

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